Usually no more than a few minutes. You don't need to contact a call centre, or request a call back, or anything like that. Once you've input your details your ad will be live and customers can start booking straight away! You need to input your basic details: name, address, payment details, price list, oh, and a pretty picture of your business (which you can do on your mobile phone), and then you're done. You can also manage your discounts , change your prices, or add new treatments whenever you like, simply by logging in and clicking on My Listing. We also have a user guide which you can download here
Here, that's where
You start here: Advertise. Once you've viewed our terms click on Sign Up Now and you will be directed to our Create Account page. From there you're probably about 5 minutes away from having a business that will come up in any internet search, and will be able to take online bookings. Cool huh! We've also created this handy guide which you can download here
You can! While the screen will be a little smaller, the process to sign-up is exactly the same as it is from your laptop or desktop computer.
When you list your business two things happen. First, we automatically add your business to our ppc advertising campaign. This means that if your business is Naomis Nail Bar in Bayswater then whenever someone does a search for "nail bars Bayswater", "nails W2", or "Naomis Nails" then your business should appear at the top right hand corner in the sponsored ad section of your internet search. Secondly, is what's know as "Search Engine Optimized", this also means that whenever someone performs an internet search, your business should appear near the top of the 'Natural' search engine results in the main section of the results screen
Nothing. Nothing at all. Zero, zip, nada, not a single penny! You do not pay us anything to join, and you only start paying once we send you some customers. We are so confident that you'll love what we're doing to help you grow your business, that the more customers we send you, the less we charge. Have a look at our pricing package on our Advertise page for the proof
First we send you an email (which you can automatically add into your iphone diary), then we send you a text, and you'll also receive a notification in My Bookings page on your listing. Additionally, if you have your receipt printer set-up then your new appointment will print automatically from there. We also have a user guide which you can download here
Simply log in and you will be taken directly to My Listing. If you're already logged in simply select My Listing from the menu icon at the top of the screen. From there you can amend your opening hours, your price lists, the services you offer, even the discounts you'd like to offer customers in off-peak times. We also have a user guide which you can download here
When logged in, select Account Details in My Listing.
When logged in, select Upload Image on your My Listing page. From there you can add, amend, resize, delete, or change the image that will appear on your listing. We also have a user guide which you can download here
When logged in, select Price List on your My Listing page. From there you can add any new services you're offering. We also have a user guide which you can download here
When logged in, select Opening Hours on your My Listing page and simply delete the days whose opening hours you want to amend. You can then Add the days back in with the updated opening hours. We also have a user guide which you can download here
Once you have input all the mandatory field, set Activate Listing to "Enabled". Once you have done this you are live and ready to take bookings! Before you can activate your listing you need to ensure that you have completed all the mandatory fields: Package Type, Account Details, Location, Uploaded Images, added a Price List and input your Opening Hours. For a step-by-step buide please refer to our user guide which you can download here
When logged in, select Discounting at the bottom of your My Listing page. Select the service you want to discount, the day, and the time of day, and then select the level of discount you want to apply. Its super straightforward and customers will immediately see the great deal you're offering to them
To remove a discount select the treatment, the day, and the time of an existing discount. The ADD button will change to “X” (REMOVE), and when “X” is selected, the previously added discount will be deleted and you are free to add a new discount into that timeslot. This is also outlined in our user guide which you can download here
Yes, your listing will be live, customers will be able to book appointments and pay with their credit card, and you'll still be notified when they do. However, because we don't have your bank details there's no way we can pay you your money. Also, customers also won't be able to use the Pay-at-venue facility. So we recommend that if you haven't completed your banking details already, you go into My Listing and input them as soon as you can. You can see a step-by-step example of how to add your bank details in our user guide, whic can be downloaded here
At the moment you can't. Sorry. If you need to change your bank details you need to Unregister and then create a new account. We realise that this is annoying, so we'd like to apologise. But the security of your business is one of our top concerns and that’s why we designed our platform like this
All customer bookings require a confirmation from yourselves before they are confirmed, so if this coincides with a busy timeslot then simply select "Decline" on that booking in your My Bookings page.
Unregistering will delete your account and all details. You can do this by following this link: Unregister. Alternatively you can email with "Unregister" in the subject field.
Our pricing structure is exclusive of VAT. Therefore, all commission paid to us will be subject to additional 20% VAT. This will be highlighted on your monthly invoice
That’s no problem. When your clients make a boking and pay in advance (with their credit card), we simply pay your money straight into your bank account as part of our monthly invoicing cycle. We take on the hassle of taking card transactions, leaving you free to run your business.
If this is a new printer then you first need to install the manufacturer software on your computer (this usually comes with the CD that the manufacturer supplied with your printer or it can be downloaded online). Once this is done then visit Printer Bookings at the bottom of the My Listing page. At the top of the window, select the link attached to "To start printing download your Printer Client App for Windows or Mac". This will begin installing printer software for you. You will be prompted to Log in (using your Ban Ram log in details) and then your printer is ready. This process normally takes around a minute. Once the printer is set up then every time a customer makes a booking the printer will automatically print a booking ticket with all the booking details
No, but you need to tell us that they have not turned up by CANCELLING, the appointment no later than Twelve hours after the scheduled appointment time. To do this open your My Bookings page, VIEW the relevant appointment and select CANCEL. This helps us keep track of potentially fraudulent activity and any customers that do this will be blocked from making pay-at-venue bookings in future
No problem, you can use ours. Simply enter