Ban Ram is where you go to book all your beauty appointments online! Need a blow-dry, a massage, some sparkly nail polish, or a facial? Simple, log-on to and in less than a minute you'll be booked and ready to go!
Simply select the square for the service you want and we'll return results in order of which one is closest to you. Or, if you want to select a specific time or location, enter those details on the input fields and hit SEARCH
First, select the salon you like the look of, select the time of your preferred appointment, and then select Add to Basket. Once there hit "CHECK-OUT" , input you payment details and select "Place Order". Then, you're done! You'll receive an email confirming your appointment and an option to add to diary (for smartphone users). If you want to do this even faster, simply create an account and all your details will already be saved
Prices vary significantly depending on location. Check our search page to see what’s available near you. From time to time, Ban Ram provides promotional rates for first-time clients,less busy hours of the day and days of the week. From time to time, we send our clients discount codes and other promotions available through our partners
Promo codes are input in the Promo Code field in the Check Out area. However, please remember that the code applied will only discount the first item you added to your Shopping Bag. Additionally, when you use a Promo Code with a monetary value, if you are paying for a service with a value that is less than the value of the promo code you will still be charged a minimum of £1. Unfortunately we need to do this to facilitate the minimum credit card payment of £1
There are a number of small restrictions when using Promo Codes. These are as follows:
- Promo codes can only be used once, so if you've used this code before then it won't work again
- Promo codes are specific to mobile businesses or those with a physical location. Therefore you cannot use a promo code for a mobile business if it is for a non-mobile business
- Promo Codes can not be used for Pay-at-Venue bookings. Therefore to use a Promo Code you must pay for your service online
To Cancel a booking, log in to your account and select My Bookings from the menu icon at the top left. Select the booking you wish to cancel, select VIEW, then select CANCEL. Please be aware that if you cancel a booking 48 hours prior to the appointment time then you are not entitled to a refund and any rescheduling will have to be negotiated directly with the vendor
Same as you do if you're logged in. Log in to your account and select My Bookings from the menu icon at the top left. Select the booking you wish to cancel, select VIEW, then select CANCEL. But be careful, if you cleared your browser history after you booked your appointment your browser won't remember you and you won't be able to cancel. Also remember that if you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours prior to the appointment time, you won't be entitled to a refund
This is usually because our mail has gone into your spam folder, so check that first. If you don’t find it in your spam, simply log in to your account and open My Bookings page. If you see your booking then you're booked in and ready to go!
First of all, don't panic! We know how important your Blow-dry is. Just log in to your account and open My Bookings page. All your bookings (past and present) will be there for you
Even though they are very rare, mistakes do happen. You can access our Contact details and we'll get back to you within 24 hours
This is usually because you've forgotten your password. If that’s the case then select the Forgot Password link on the sign-in/sign-up page, enter your email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Or, go here
Simply log-in, go to My Details and you can make the changes from there.
We hope you never have to do this but if you need to you should complain directly to the retailer who provided your service. You can also leave feedback each time you receive a service. This is really helpful for future customers too, so we always recommend that you leave feedback (good and bad).
You cancel your account in the same way as you Unregister. From your registered email address simply send an email to with the word "unregister" in the subject line. Alternatively, navigate to Unregister Note, when you Unregister your account we delete all your details.
Open the My Bookings page from the menu icon at the top of the Home page. If you want more details about a particular booking, select VIEW on that booking
We don't store your credit card details, so simply use whichever card you like on the checkout page